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Bruce (Earlycub 49) Torrence

Postby Cecil » Mon Sep 27, 2010 5:31 pm

Name? Bruce N. Torrence
Age? 61
State/Province of residence? PA
Marital Status?
-- How many years (if married)? 38
-- Wife's name (if married)? Linda
Children? 2
-- Boys/Girls? Girls
Ages? 36 and 32
Grand Children? 5
-- Boys/Girls? 4 boys 1 girl
-- Ages? 16, 12, 8, 5, 4.
Great Grand Children?
-- Boys/Girls?
-- Ages?
Do you have any pets? no
-- Names, breeds, etc.
Line of work? Many, different lines.
Retired or working? Between jobs.

Tractors and models owned? Had a 63 Wheelhorse, 107 IH CubCadet, Simplicity 5212.5, Simplicity Regent 22/44H, 1949 McCormick/Deering Farmall Cub
-- Any other type of farm equipment?
-- Combines?
-- Trailers? 2001 PA International 5 ½ x 10 single axel
-- Hay balers?
-- etc...
Are your tractors used for show or working? The Cub is for fun.
How much Land do you work (Acres)? 0
What was your first tractor experience (does not have to be a Farmall or Cub)? Pushing dirt with the Wheelhorse 7Hp.
What is your Cub's primary work? The Cub is for fun
What is the favorite Cub of all which you have owned and why? This one so far, completely stripped it and basically refurbished it, except for the motor internally.
What first sparked your interest in owning a Cub? Ever since I saw my first cub I always wanted one.
What task/use of your Cub provides the most enjoyable seat time? Taking the grandkids for a ride in the trailer, like I used to do with my daughters when they were younger.
Favorite thing you like about Cub's and Cadets? [b]They are American Made and RED.[/b]
Describe your most satisfying or frustrating experience working on your own or someone else's Cub? Most satisfying experience when it first started and the mellow sounds they make running. Frustrating experience was trying to correct thing from the previous owner. Also taking off the hood/gastank and putting it back on without banging and scratching everything up.
Do you host or participate in CubFests, Cubarama, Mini-CubFests? How so? Waiting to go to my first one in a couple weeks.

What other hobbies do you enjoy? Fishing, remodelling, helping my girls with projects.
Do you hunt or fish? I Fish
-- What is your favorite game? Bass
What is your favorite Sport? Football and Baseball
-- Do you have a favorite Sports team? Pittsburgh Steelers
Favorite Book?
Favorite Movie?
Favorite Actor/Actress?
Magazine(s) you subscribe to?
Favorite outdoor activity?
Do you maintain a garden? Absolutely
-- How large? Raised bed about 15x35
-- What vegetables to you grow? Tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, beans, cucumbers, rhubarb, onions, peppers, parsley.
Do you maintain a personal orchard?
-- Type of fruit grown?
What is your favorite Quote or saying? Too many with my dry humour, so my daughters tell me.
Do you have any immediate goals in your life? Stay Healthy.

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