Chainsaws, parts, accessories fast shipping too

Sat Nov 19, 2011 10:02 am

After Albert hit i been stocking up on more chainsaw supplies. I been buying up new chains and sparkplugs from they have fast service and fast shipping and there affordable too.

My local parts house has rebates on spark plugs which they never have a rebate on the ones i use its a gimick. Bill

Re: Chainsaws, parts, accessories fast shipping too

Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:28 pm

Fully agree.!! I used them a while back to convert my 30+yr old Stihl 028 Woods Boss to electronic ign. (original coil no longer available from Stihl) I was determined to fix it, as I didn't want to buy one of the new "throw away's".
Yes, you can buy 2 saws today, for what I paid for her in 1978..

P.S. I took her for a tune-up a few years ago, and someone offered to buy it from me before I made it back to the truck...hehe

Re: Chainsaws, parts, accessories fast shipping too

Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:28 pm

I'm going to take a different opinion on this;
Been using the saw alot lately. We're up to 7 cords of Red and White Oak from the freak October 29th Nor'easter. Last Sunday afternoon 11/13 the saw just did not have any grunt. Cleaned the air filter and plug as best possible and still no get-up-and-go. It ran fine and rev'd up nicely but no cutting power. Decided to check online and see how much a clutch was. Jack's had it in stock for $4.92 plus $7.99 shipping. Went ahead and ordered the clutch, a new air filter ($5.81) and a new plug - Champion RCJ7Y ($2.49). With shipping the order came to $21.21. Not bad I thought. I did not have to call anyone, wait for regular business hours, or go out of my way to a Husqvarna dealer (not really an issue since there are plenty of them), and all from the comfort of my home on a Sunday night.
Well, I happened to be going to a job on Tuesday that put me right near the dealer I bought the saw from so I stopped in. Also gave me an excuse to look at the saw I want to get (Husqvarna 346XP) and then asked about the parts for my 8yr old Husky 141.
All were in stock. Clutch - $4.92, Air Filter - $7.29, Champion Plug - $3.50, total with tax: $16.68. Got home that afternoon, installed the new parts and the saw cuts like new! Erik cut a bunch of wood on Wednesday and then this afternoon we filled my pickup with some 24" rounds of white oak. Saw ran fine.

Still waiting for my order from Jack's. It finally shipped on Thursday 11/17. :roll:

Lesson learned. Power equipment dealers typically have the parts in-stock and reasonably priced.


Re: Chainsaws, parts, accessories fast shipping too

Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:25 am

Normally with a saw as old as mine, rather than research what it takes to get you fixed, the dealer tells you "no longer available", hoping you'll take that answer and replace it.
Same with my coil..I wasn't falling for the upsell, even if I had to buy a "parts saw". Price & speed wasn't an issue.
Glad you had a better "servicing" dealer.