Wed Mar 12, 2003 7:36 pm

What is the suggested way to bring up Rudi's manuals. :?: :?: Joe.


Wed Mar 12, 2003 9:08 pm


I am assuming that you have seen the internal server error. Will call guru tonight and let him know it is down again. It will probably be up again in the morning.

Sorry - but he is doing the best he can....


Wed Mar 12, 2003 10:02 pm

Joe, some older versions of Netscape won't work with it. You may have to use Internet Explorer. When it is up.

Thu Mar 13, 2003 9:10 am

Rudi - No, I have not seen an internal error server. What I had been doing is searching the Forum for "Manual"; then, going thru them 'till I found the link. Was just wondering if there was another method. Would kinda be neat if brochures were listed on the home page but then I am not a PC guru and am not familiar with attendant problems. Heck, I don't even know what a cookie is unless it comes out of the oven. Joe.

Thu Mar 13, 2003 3:20 pm


I guess you could paste in or click on the url and then add it to your favourites is one way, or you could click on my name at anytime and click on my website. That will bring you to the manuals.

If you bookmark, only bookmark the main index. The site is going to be changing I hope over the next little while, whilst I make some changes and get it a little easier to navigate. The present profile was okay when there were only a few things on the site, but it is increasing in size and needs a makeover.

But in the meantime, here is the url again

Sat Mar 15, 2003 11:10 am

Just an afterthought.

I sort of feel kinda dumb !! :oops: No I feel really dumb !

It was pointed out to me, that the url is in the signature line of all my posts :shock: I wonder how I forgot that ?? :?

So, I guess the easiest way if you are unsure is just to click the link on anyone of my posts :oops:

Oh well, we all have those days.