Re: Not receiving email alerts

Sun Oct 04, 2009 6:03 am

Rudi, I have very little experience with Yahoo mail and webmail. The thing that really got to me was the fact that they started filtering my mail without me knowing anything about it. It was just by luck that I decided to go to webmail to see if I would be able to get an idea of what was going on and that's when I found them.

I guess working for AT&T then a baby Bell and then AT&t again for 37 years makes me leery of anything AT&T does now. Thanks for the insight. I may get used to it sooner or later. Going to Church now..... :D


Re: Not receiving email alerts

Sun Oct 04, 2009 8:57 am

My provider is, and they are also my former employer. Several years ago they started providing spam filtering, which reduced the amount of email I receive from around 100 per day to 5 or 10. I occasionally go into it and look at the junk file to make sure mail is not going to it I am supposed to receive. I can also tell it that a specific sender is valid, but have only had to do that once. I really like it, I have other things I prefer to do than set here and delete a hundred plus junk mails everyday. Mozilla Firefox also has an email filter you may use or not use, though it is dependent on you. Once you tell it an email is junk, it sends all emails from that address to a junk file where you can check them anything to make sure one did not go there unintentionally, and correct it if needed.

Re: Not receiving email alerts

Sun Oct 04, 2009 9:43 am

John, I was hoping that I could use my email client's junk mail feature along with my antivirus software to send the spam to the junk/spam folder at my computer instead of at the server. I will have to resign myself to going to the webmail page and make sure I have no email in their spam folder. Another thing I disliked was there was a feature to let all mail go through via POP mail but you have to pay for that. So to me it's like extortion - pay extra for what you used to have or take what we give you. Since I don't live in a metropolis, I don't have many options as to other providers.

It's like everything else I guess..... Something else to get used to! :x

Ok, I'll quit ranting about it now :) I'll go play with my Cub instead.......


Re: Not receiving email alerts

Sun Oct 04, 2009 3:20 pm

I have gone to my provider's site and can find nothing that is blocking my alerts. The frustrating thing is having to go back to the posts to see if there have been any responses. The automatic alert sure made things easier.

Re: Not receiving email alerts

Sun Oct 04, 2009 3:31 pm

Rudi wrote:John:

I was not a fan of webmail either, I much preferred outlook express. However, things changed once I started to experiment with my rogers yahoo mail client.

Rudi, I'm confused about Rogers Yahoo Mail Client. Is it a program or a service? Is it free or is there a charge? I did a search but only confused myself more! :oops:

Anyway, I guess for now, I'll stick to what I am using and see how it works. I was hoping they were filtering Barnyard's emails but I saw a post that said he checked but found nothing.


Re: Not receiving email alerts

Sun Oct 04, 2009 5:40 pm


Rogers is my ISP. They contract with Yahoo to provide email services.. so it would be the same as your AT&T Yahoo email client. It is part of the package that comes with my internet account. Yahoo along with Google Mail and a few others have become the prime email service providers. This enables ISP's such as Rogers to get away from having their own mail-servers which cuts down the costs.

And that is where the extra cost may be incurred if you do not use their web-mail servers. Funny though, cause I have a pop-mail account .. it is the same as my yahoo account and I can actually download all my mail from the mail-server to my outlook express client.

Again, here is a simple first step for your web-mail problems. Set up a filter on your web-mail account that filters all emails from, has in the address or has in the header to go to a folder called Farmall Cub. That will keep it out of the spam folder for sure.

Re: Not receiving email alerts

Sun Oct 04, 2009 9:50 pm

Thanks Rudi....I am now able to get my mail in Outlook but I will keep a watchful eye on the webmail. It looks like the mail passes thru their filter before it heads out on pop mail. I was able to turn off the spam filter at Yahoo mail. If I see that it is still catching legitimate emails, I guess I'll have to use the webmail. It looks like everything is working ok since I disabled the filter. If not, I'll do what you said to make sure the good stuff comes through. I would guess that they are trying to cut down on all of the junk clogging the email system and using bandwidth.

Thanks for all of the help.

Now I have to learn how to post a picture... I saw a 'How to ' on pictures so that's my next venture. I about had to wear a jacket here last week. It got down to about 69 degrees.......Chilly!

Take care,