My 49 Picture test

Sat Feb 15, 2003 7:18 pm

Testing sending a picture of my 49, may get to use that blade tomorrow with the forecast for heavy snow in Pa..Gary L.

Sat Feb 15, 2003 7:27 pm

did you get any white stuff yet?...its cold and drifted out here in Ill.
denver had rain and I reckon we'll get that like they say on wednesday..
Man its goota break here some time ..been zero all winter...with
20-28 highs

Sat Feb 15, 2003 10:49 pm

What Photo Site are you using to store your pictures on? This one came out beautiful.

Sat Feb 15, 2003 11:42 pm

Actually no photo site, this photo is on web space provided by my local internet provider, mine gives you 2 mb free if you request it. then you have to send the picture there using FTP (File transfer protocol). you can get the FTP program free from some download sites, mine is called FTP commander. then you enter the web address for the picture in the message block. Check with your local ISP if you have this available.
I hope to have this cub looking much better along about April/May, been buying the things I need all winter...