Tractors Classic American Grill - Jackson, MO

Thu Nov 01, 2012 6:49 am

A childhood friend of Robyn's passed away last week and the funeral was Wednesday in Jackson, MO. After the funeral (lunchtime), we drove downtown to search out a diner or other some such place to eat. We often look for unique or different restaurants while on trips; the fast-food chains can get boring.

There weren't many vehicles parked downtown around the courthouse, but one street had a bunch congregated, so we drove past and saw Tractors Classic American Grill. We HAD to stop. Place is a bar & grill. Set in the middle of the block; two old tenant spaces separated by a brick wall. One side was the bar w/ seating, smoking, the other side was all non-smoking. It was very nice. Decor was excellent with all kinds/types of tractor stuff on the brick walls. Food was fantastic! I had a Harvester Melt (1/2 lb burger with carmelized onions, two cheeses, bacon and BBQ sause; Robyn had a chicken wrap).

It fit the bill. Was everything we'd hope to find in an out-of-the-ordinary lunch place. We'd highly recommend it. :wink:

Reference: ... -american/

Menu reference: (some tractor-related burgers!): ... res/11578/