Alamo Steak House

Thu Mar 19, 2009 1:59 pm

Restaurants Business Name:Alamo Steak House
Complete Address: Gatlinburg and Pigeon Fordge Tennesse
Web Site Address:
Value for the dollar (Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor): Excellent
Recommended (Yes/No): Yes
If near a CubFest/Cubarama/Tractor Show State Event Name:
DATE(s) of your Visit: April 2006 & April 08

Description of my experience with the business / attraction: I have been there in 2006 and twice in 2008. And each time, i would have to say, i had what turned out to be if not the best steak i have ever had it was a darn close second. Even the kids couldnt stop moaning in delite as they ate their hamburgers and hand breaded chicken strips. We liked it so much we ate here twice in 2008 during our week stay here. When we go back in 2010, i am sure we will eat there at least twice again. Be sure to print a coupon off their website, or look around town for one. To get that extra 10% off. Prices are average for a steak house, so saving a little doesnt hurt.