Re: Prayer request

Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:36 pm

Pamela has all her MRI's taken awhile back….They changed her appointment till this coming Friday (the 11th)…I will notify everyone of the outcome…I told her not to fret it is more time for prayer requests to work…I also told her I would be there for her till the day I Croak and she said it usually works the other way….I shockingly said WHAT !!!….She then replied well Princes don't normally turn into frogs, frogs turn into Princes….Still got her wit and sense of humor as you can tell…Thanks so much for your Prayers..Dave

Re: Prayer request

Tue Apr 08, 2014 8:24 am

Prayers from RI.....

Attitude is everything! It does no good to fret about things outside your control.

Prayer request update

Sun Apr 20, 2014 6:12 pm

Well, updates are that Pam has now 8 lesions on her brain, and one of her recent blood tests came back positive for lupus…(One out of 4 said positive)….Next she has to have a spinal tap as there were no lesions on her spine MRI and the doctor said if she has MS the chances of it showing on the spinal tap are 90%, but there is a 10% chance she could have it and it not show….They want to start her on treatments to slow the progress of MS….The doctor deals only with MS…She is in the process of deciding which treatment she will choose if any…This is a very confusing and extremely hard illness to diagnose it seems…

On a better note she went to work and completed her 1st full week last week…She has a very understanding boss and she sets her own hours and can work at home to make up any time she loses…He is very familiar with MS and is helping her thru this ordeal…For this I am very thankful…I believe that your prayers have been listened to by the man above and although she is still struggling, she is also learning to cope with her burden….She uses the word "Determination" a lot and has looked upon her previous generations trials and tribulations and that has given her strength….

I will continue to keep everyone informed and Thank you for your Prayers…God bless you all on this Easter Sunday….Dave….