Another update on George

Sun Feb 13, 2005 8:30 pm

Got an e-mail from George's wife this evening. He continues to slowly improve. Still having problems keeping food down but the docs are pretty satisfied with his progress. They have some more tests to run tomorrow so the earliest he might get to come home will be Tues. depending on how he does.

Sun Feb 13, 2005 8:49 pm

Thanks for the news, Bigdog.

Sun Feb 13, 2005 8:58 pm

:P Well that is good news to hear. Even slow improvement is better that no improvement. I miss Georges many enlightening posts and sure do look forward to his good health.

Thanks B.D.

Sun Feb 13, 2005 9:00 pm

Thank Bigdog. :D


Mon Feb 14, 2005 6:49 am

Thanks for the update on George, BigDog. I hope his healing is swift and sure. I miss his answers and instructions. Bob

Re: George

Mon Feb 14, 2005 12:33 pm

Thanks for the update BD. Vera and I have been following the news on George and do keep him and Marilyn in our prayers. Trying times are tough and we wish both he and Marilyn our best.
Vera and Gil

BD; Would you please send me Marilyn and George's home phone number. Vera would like to talk to Marilyn sometime when she gets home. Thanks. Gil

Tue Feb 15, 2005 9:53 am


Thanks for the update. Em and I have George and Marilyn in our prayers. Hope he continues to do well and comes home as soon as he is well enough.

I do miss his posts :!:

Tue Feb 15, 2005 10:02 pm

There was a posting today on the atis antique tractor list that George is now home. He has a long road to recovery ahead of him but is hoping to be able to attend Cubfest.

Wed Feb 16, 2005 8:39 pm

Thanks Big Dog, This is devestating to me. George W. Is my hero" "Jack"