Mon Dec 17, 2007 10:30 pm

God bless

Tue Dec 18, 2007 8:53 am

We will be praying for you. Only by knowing Jesus Christ as YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOR can you have peace and assurance no matter what the circumstances.

Tue Dec 18, 2007 1:41 pm

Take care of yourself Podge, you have a great family that needs you and that includes the FarmallCub family too.


Wed Dec 19, 2007 12:36 am

Guys, I appreciate the good words. I have to say I have never been so glad to be a part of something as this Farmall cub family. Some of the greatest people in the world reside here.

The blood pressure meds have really jerked a knot in my tail, so to speak. Its only been a week now but I have never had so much trouble getting use to medicine. Up one minute down the next. Hopefully it gets me lined out and hope and pray that nothing bad turns up on the tests Jan 11

you all and have a Merry Christmas

Wed Dec 19, 2007 6:10 am

Just remember Podge. BP medication WILL knock you flat for awhile.
Your body has gotten used to operating at that high BP level and
getting it down to normal will leave you tired and washed out.
Stick with it and your body will eventually adjust. Work with your doctors, we want you around for a long time.


Wed Dec 19, 2007 11:20 am

Josh: I take the minimal amount of a BP vaso-dialator called Norvasc. I'm here to tell you, I could've fallen asleep anytime, anywhere for about a month until my body got squared away so don't fret this little speed bump - it beats the hel out of a stroke or something worse. Craig

Wed Dec 19, 2007 11:57 am

Podge don't do what i did, i worked all the time 24/7 most of the time and burned myself (mind) and my body out. I didn't save some for my later years i just worked too hard. I became disabled at 52 in 02 but my doctor told me to get disability in '94 which i refused i was too dumb and wanted to stay working. Now i'm in worse shape because of that.

Relax, get the proper meds and take them as perscribed by your doctor listen to him. I'm here today because of my doctor and his care. My two older brothers aren't. I lost one at 43 and another at 52. The 52 yo one never went to the doctor and thats not good....

Anyone who doesn't see a doctor for a checkup you better go NOW!!!!! I have diabetes, high blood pressure and more.... The heart can be a silent killer so now is the time to take hold of getting care for it. Medicene is unbelieveable today and they can fix anything if they catch it in time so go to your doctor NOW!!!

Please I still need help on this forum.(kidding) prayers and thoughts are with you, take care of yourself nothing is more important to you than you are remember that. As we get older this stuff sneaks up on us very quietly.....

I think most of us treat our cubs better than we treat ourselves??? :?:

Wed Dec 19, 2007 11:37 pm

Hey bud,

I don't know you yet, but I can tell you that blood pressure medicine is tough to get used to. Just stay in touch with the Doctors and tell them everything you experience, so they can make adjustments and help you get things straightened out.

Merry Christmas...go smell the roses!


Thu Dec 20, 2007 12:01 am

Prayers can do a lot, but sometime you have to help them out. TAKE CARE of your self. Those long work days are not worth it if they put you health in jepardy.