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Marion(57 Loboy)
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Postby Marion(57 Loboy) » Mon May 02, 2005 6:05 pm

I bought a 18ft fiberglass boat years ago. Wanted to take everyone out on it the first time, I think my wife and three of the 5 kids were there for the first "fun" spin in the Ohio River putting in at Forked Run State Park.

Backed her down the launch ramp...unhooked and had her tied up to the dock.....went up and parked the truck and trailer....walk back down-hook up the battery....hook up the gas line...get the O/B motor purring.....then I see there's water splashing around OVER the top of the transom....hmmmmmm....don't remember that on the couple of tune-up runs in the lake right after I got it.....I lift the skirt up at the back of the boat where the gas tanks go...WATER !!!! EVERYWHERE !!!!...then it dawns on know the feeling...a combonation of impending doom and 'I can't believe I was so &*%^#@*&^%$#(*&^%#$ STUPID !!! HA ! On the way down, it rained like cats and dogs thru Mansfield OH, and when we stopped for a bite to eat, I removed the drain plug so the water would run out till we got to the river. Some dumb--- forgot !!! So, I jump outta the boat hollering to everyone else 'STAY OUT OF THE BOAT' ! back up to the truck...race back to the ramp...back down...get the trailer under the boat any which way it was....I didn't care.....get back in the truck...drop it into the time I had the drain hole out of the water I need two new tires for the rear(limited slip axle thank God) took 38 minutes for the water to stop coming out of the hole!!!!! put the drain plug back in.....back down the ramp...float the boat to the right spot on the trailer....back to the cabin cause now it's too late in the evening to go on the little joy ride I had planned......had a successful time in the boat the following day!....I will never forget that one !! :oops: :oops:

Jack fowler
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Postby Jack fowler » Sun May 08, 2005 8:39 am

I’m going to call this story; “You can use Cub engine valve springs in other places other than the engine”
This happened to me about four years ago when I put a clutch in my first Cub I rebuilt.

It was about ten o’clock on a Saturday night and I got some time to put the clutch in my tractor that I was rebuilding. It was late and I was tired but, I wanted to get this tractor together to start prepping for painting. I bolted the pressure plate and disk into place than opened the box of the throw- out bearing and there was a note in it that was hand written which stated “this part is slightly different than original, but it will work”. The only thing I noticed was it was made with a little offset, but I thought the clutch adjustment should take care of that. I put the bearing in the throw- out bearing fork and bolted it back together and it fit pretty tight and I remember thinking “ the bearing won’t flop down and catch the transmission input shaft when I put the tractor halves back together, good deal”.

Well late that night I got it together and even started the Cub and drove it. I remember I was so excided that I got my tractor running after going to bed I couldn’t go to sleep.

After the Cub was finished one of my son’s was driving it around and said “he thought the clutch was making noise”. I checked it and sure enough there was some noise, but I pushed the clutch pedal down and release it and it went away. I shrugged my shoulders and said “it must be nothing”.

A couple of weeks later my dad was cutting the grass with the Cub and he stopped for a break and he noticed a noise coming from the bell housing area. I checked it out and noticed the throw- out bearing face popping against the clutch pressure plate fingers. I remember, laying on my back in the grass looking through the inspection hole wondering “what the heck is going on”. Than I noticed, the throw-out bearing center (inner dimension) was bigger than the original bearing and the center of the bearing was not resting on the transmission input shaft collar housing. After using the clutch the tension where the throw-out bearing slipped into the clutch fork wore in and the throw-out bearing flopped against the clutch pressure plate fingers and was popping back and forth when the engine was running. My stomach felt like it went to my throat. I was thinking how stupid I was not checking the new part against the old. The only thing I knew to do was to split the tractor and put the correct throw-out bearing in.

After thinking about it for awhile this is how I resolved my issue. I tie strapped a Cub engine valve spring into place to hold the throw-out bearing so it would not hit the pressure plate fingers when the clutch pedal was in the release position. It’s been four years “down the road” and the bearing is still working fine.

It didn’t come out the way it should have, but its working.

Jack Fowler
I’m really good at doing nothing…With that said…I’m really, really good at doing nothing

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Cub Pro
Cub Pro
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Postby johnbron » Sun May 08, 2005 8:51 am

A nice work of engineuity(Sp) Jack. What impressed me more though was how you were able to get such a nice clear picture of the TOB through the inspection hole. :lol:
Then came Bronson

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Postby cowboy » Thu May 12, 2005 6:08 pm

:oops: :oops: :oops:

Just got home from work and the truck was low on oil. Only oil left was some low ash oil for the cub. Poured in about a quart looking at thinking boy this strait 30# looks thick compared to 10-30. Set the jug down and saw it was marked #90 gear lube. Put in some MM to thin it out hope it does not blow up before sunday when I have time to change it. The fun never stops.
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Team Cub Mentor
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Postby Eugene » Sun May 15, 2005 10:48 pm

Iowa, December, about 40 years ago I owned a 59 Edsel Ranger. The Edsel was my only transportation. I was single and dating at the time. I purchased a 6-pack of malt liquor and set in on the passenger side floor. Hours later I took the 6-pack into the house to find several cans had frozen and burst. All winter long, once the interior warmed, the car smelled like very old stale beer. One nice warm spring day I had mushrooms growing out of the carpet. True story. That car must have been a real treat for my dates.


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