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Re: Sandy..... Almost a miss

Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:16 pm

I was there again yesterday. The Staten Island Episcopal Churches had collected food and I delivered that to a distribution point.
This morning Members of my Masonic lodge met at the Boy Scout camp to clear fallen trees. Fortunately there were too many of us so some went back to the beach. We helped brothers and family clear out their houses. People were taking stuff out and dumping it at the curb. NYC Sanitation and Highways were loading it up and carrying away. At one house we took everything, Appliances, furniture, clothing and all the mementos as well as the doors, wood work and sheet rock and put it in the street. We helped at 4 houses before I had to leave. This PM I am scheduled to unlaod2 Semis from City Harvest and use my pick up to deliver food

Edit to add I don't know why the word lodge is in red and double underlined. I have notice that in other posts too.
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