Wed May 09, 2012 9:25 pm

I went to an Ear, Nose and Throat Dr. a few weeks ago to get the wax cleaned out of an ear that was stopped up. She asked me if I had a problem with ringing in my ears. I told her I had it, but it did not bother me, I just ignored it. She said that is great, many people are really bothered by it. I told her that after being married for 40 years I had learned to automatically tune out irritating noise.

Re: tinnitus

Wed May 09, 2012 9:40 pm

Tell that to your wife and there is a good chance you won't see 41 years of marriage. :lol:

Re: tinnitus

Wed May 09, 2012 9:57 pm

John, I haven't been married nearly as long as you but I can say that Barnyard may definately be right!! But tinnitus is no joke. I constantly preach to my students about turning their ipod's down. When I am walking behind them between classes and I can hear their music (while they are wearing earbuds) I know it has to be damaging their hearing.

My dad has lived with it for years. He thinks he "got" it during his time in the army in the early '60s, firing a machine gun with no ear protection. He worked in a textile mill for over 30 years, and said with all the other noise, the ringing never really bothered him. Once he left the plant and had more "quiet" time, he said it could really get on his nerves. Today his hearing is very poor, in particular he has a hard time understanding womens' voices due to the pitch.

I haven't always worn ear protection around tractors and lawn mowers like I should, and I can tell I don't hear as well as I should.


Re: tinnitus

Wed May 09, 2012 11:08 pm

I lost most of my hearing in my left ear in two weeks for an unexplained reason. Before that both ears were not the best probably from running printing presses in the 70's. One time I was pumping gas when a woman stuck her head around the pump with a question on how to turn it on. I had just left the company's noisy old F850 and had my hearing aids turned off. I told her just a minute, snapped on the aids and told her I had them set on wife. A minute after our conversation she looked around the pump again and said it just dawned on her what I had said. I am used to tinnus but it impairs hearing. Lipo-flavonid (a vitamin mix) helps but one doesn't need anywhere the amount on the box. Vern

Re: tinnitus

Thu May 10, 2012 8:02 am

Mr. John, you are going to get hurt!!! :lol: :lol:

Re: tinnitus

Thu May 10, 2012 3:27 pm

The new hearing aids can be fitted with a tinnitus generator which masks all but a little bit of the ringing, it works pretty good. Remote control and blue tooth enabled. I am waiting for the unit that lets the family set the tv sound level and I can adjust my own. Technology is great!

Re: tinnitus

Thu May 10, 2012 3:54 pm

I guess this is John's way of "living life on the edge !!" :lol:

Having tinnitus (thankfully I have my VA Pension for it) I know how much of a pitb it can be. The constant ringing is frustrating to say the least.

Re: tinnitus

Thu May 10, 2012 7:51 pm

In response to John's original post....

"And that's how the fight started!!!!" :D :D

Re: tinnitus

Thu May 10, 2012 9:33 pm

daddydip, what brand of aids are you getting? The ones recomended to me cost $7000.00, and I can listen to my phone and personal stero wireless (bluetooth). Don't know iffin I'll ever have that much money.

Re: tinnitus

Thu May 10, 2012 11:14 pm

They are made by Resound Dan, all in ear, because of the eyeglass arms things were getting crowded back there :lol: :lol: :lol: I went to have them checked out today and the right wasn't working so back to the shop for repairs. Thing about it was I thought something wasn't right but just couldn't put my finger on it.

Re: tinnitus

Mon May 21, 2012 4:17 am

daddydip wrote:They are made by Resound Dan, all in ear, because of the eyeglass arms things were getting crowded back there :lol: :lol: :lol: I went to have them checked out today and the right wasn't working so back to the shop for repairs. Thing about it was I thought something wasn't right but just couldn't put my finger on it.

My new hearing aids I picked up in Oct. are made by Resound also Michael, they do have an add on that allows you to hear the TV over what others can hear. I haven't watched TV for near 15 years so I passed on that option.
I've suffered with severe Tinnitus for around 25 years now, that's one of the reasons I sleep 3 to 5 hours a night because once you wake up there's no going back to sleep again. The aids have helped a little but come no way near covering the ringing.... I've found that watching what I eat and drink can keep it to where it's berable. Stick to no caffeine drinks, things like dairy products effect mine, chocolates of any type can shoot mine through the roof the instant I eat it.
I can also tell when it's going to rain by the increase in the ringing. Tones and volume change, sometimes I think this is all that keeps a person sane at times. Tinnitus not only comes from working around loud noise but it's also hereditary, my dad and grandfather both suffered with it.... I'm very cautious around Grayson and make sure he has hearing protection at all times when needed, since his case of Encephalitis last Fall his hearing is the only side effect that's been noticed. His hearing is super sensitive now and most all assemblies at school he sits out and stays in the room with his teacher working with computers. I've provided protection for these events but both he and the teacher enjoy the quiet classroom time.
My aids are also needing some work done to them but I've decided to wait until after the Bash before returning to the doctor so I won't have to read lips. Mine are the behind the ear type and have 3 different hearing levels built in that I can change myself. The first 2 levels are for public use while my 3rd is used only for bow hunting, for many years I've hunted with the only sound being the ringing and the sound of the bow being released after a shot.
I think at times my doctor has the patience of Jobe... :lol: When I started wearing them we had to start out low and work up, I didn't realize everything out there makes a noise from my truck turn signals to every bird flying by so it was all a little overwhelming at first.... :shock: :lol:

The aids do cost a lot but hearing everything in digital stereo is worth it, mine were $4,200, insurance covered only the services and the aids were out of my pocket.

Re: tinnitus

Wed May 23, 2012 9:46 pm

Yogie I can say that I had no idea how much I was struggling, it is an improvement. I am like you also when they are ringing,like right now, I feel like I am working on a cricket farm!