Politics and the Iraq War

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Politics and the Iraq War

Postby ljw » Thu Sep 09, 2004 8:54 am

I don't understand politics. I agreed with President Bush when he stated that this action is necessary and would not be another Vietnam. But when they let this al sadr guy get away, I'm starting to wonder. I know about the holy site, etc. But it's obvious the religious terrorists that occupied the temple don't believe this is a sacred site. I love my country and still support the President. But he had better get off his butt and win this war. This generation Iraqis are not going to like us, no matter what. I'm a Vietnam veteran and I remember the stigma attached to us when we returned. I don't deserve any kudos for serving, and I still have the lumps on my head caused by being dragged down my Daddy's front steps by the authorities back in '69, when I was sent overseas. I admire the soldiers serving in our military and I think that no life should be taken needlessly. Holding back on our military resources only permits more of our young men to die. Thank you, I feel better now.

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