My new Yellow Lab puppy

Thu May 13, 2010 10:18 am

I thought it would be great to have another lab after my blacklab had to be put down because of blindness and he finally was losing control. This mixed blacklab was a great dog and probably the best dog i have ever had. Labs are awesome dogs right??? We tried to get a shelter dog but its very hard to get one and i have no clue why its like that. I would rather save an older lab. Heck if the first one worked out i would go for another.

Well a friend of my wife said they had yellow lab puppies and here's were the fun begins. My cats leave dead mice and my wife picks them up but she missed one and the pup ate it. My poor wife was choking all the time while trying to catch the pup. Today it got even better one of my feral kittens which are full grown cats now have killed so far two snakes, one crow and more chipmunks and mice that i can count have killed a squirrel today. I let the pup out to go do his business and he looks in the bushes and freezes then go in them and comes out with a full grown dead squirrel. He thinks its just another chew toy while i try to catch him to get it away from him. After a few minutes i started throwing dog treats at him and he dropped the squirrel and i trashed it. He often takes the cats squirrel toy and plays with it and now he had thje real thing. We feed him good but he is always looking for an outside treat. I guess i'll have to keep him tied from now on. Having a pup at my age and condition isn't the fun that i expected. The pup is a very happy pup and a little high strung and i hope he calms down as he gets older. I'm thinking he will make a great hunting dog? Bill

Re: My new Yellow Lab puppy

Thu May 13, 2010 11:12 am

BigBill, What you need to do is get another puppy so they can entertain each other.


Re: My new Yellow Lab puppy

Fri May 28, 2010 7:46 pm

My son has its brother and all they do is fight when he is over the house. Luckily i wanted to get "two" puppies and now i'm glad i didn't. These little guys sure do go at it too when they fight/play.

This will be our very last puppy. I'm too old to take care of it and even the misses says its a lot of work for us now that the kids are gone. I really wanted a shelter dog but there so hard to get. I tried on the net to get one and they never called me or emailed me back. We would of rathered saved an older dog. Next time i'll push for a shelter lab. I just can't keep up with this pup.

I hope he loses some of his zest when he gets nuetured soon i hope.

Re: My new Yellow Lab puppy

Fri May 28, 2010 8:05 pm

Patience,Bill--all the Lab pups we've raised have calmed down a lot by the time they turned 3 years old. Some of the extra energy comes from puppy food. I've mixed in some regular dog food to slow a puppy down a bit once their 6 months or so.