I finally got some corn to really grow!!!!!!!

Tue Aug 10, 2010 3:26 pm

I got an awesome patch of corn this year its finally growing after so many loads of manure. Its polinating at 6' and still growing. I guess we'll have fresh silver queen corn soon. I finally did it.

My first two tomatoes are larger than a slice of white bread. I cut down the maple tree that was shading my garden so instead of 50% sunlite i have 100% sunlite now plus i told the misses were the best spots were for the high water table to feed my squash, califlower, broccoli, beans and tomatoes. I never water my garden. I hit water about 12" down in certain areas. I have to becareful with the tiller and tractors in the springtime.

This fall there will be dump truck loads of manure comming here so i can till it in and lime it, then i'll do it up in the springtime too.

Re: I finally got some corn to really grow!!!!!!!

Tue Aug 10, 2010 3:47 pm

water 12" down? swamp? or just lucky? glad you got some good corn

Re: I finally got some corn to really grow!!!!!!!

Tue Aug 10, 2010 4:28 pm

At times its only 12" down but not all the time. I live near a water shed area and the water flow forks towards the reservoir and away from it too so they sold off the land were the ground water went away from the body of water. When the water table is up from heavy rain or the winter run off i have a few wet spots. I'm taking advantage of the free water supply on where we plant stuff. Swamp no way were all on rock here. When it rains heavy the watertable comes up and waters my garden for a short time then it goes down again.

One more good thing is about my well report. They said the last time they did a tune up on it(filters) the water was over flowing the well head and its 88' of rise so this means ihave plenty of water on my land.

I been trying everything to grow corn, year after year i put in manure and all my corn isn't the same height and i get shorter ears but its decent tasting corn but not enough. Last fall i got some truckloads of older rotten cow/steer manure that looked like dirt already but it stunk. We put in 4 truckloads in one small plot just to test it this year. My neighbor had some extra lime in his 12' lime spreader so he swung over and did all my property plus extra passes on the gardens. I started off with regular soil and i guess i have to build it up now more and more.