Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:24 pm

I was sitting at the dinner table watching the history channel on TV when i noticed a beige 4 legged animal walking up my driveway with something dead in its mouth. At first i thought my yellow lab puppy got loose but then i realized its a small coyote. With the windows open i started hollering and it ran back down my driveway and went down the street. My neighbor was cutting his grass and i waited for him to scream but it never bothered him. This was about 2pm just after lunch.

Now back up a few days;

I come home at night and spotted a being butt leaving my breezeway were my yellow lab is most of the time but my wife has the dogs out for a walk so its not my dogs. I told her i seen something with a beige butt going away from the breezeway.

At about 3am I woke up to a howl, just one long howl then silence for the rest of the night.

One of my feral cats has been staying in the house lately too. This is one of the 3 brothers and he is very skiddish and i can't always pet him too he just keeps to himself but he'll look at you and cry if he wants something. He still doen't trust people yet and probably never will. But he is an alarm when something is wrong outside. The two brothers are staying in more at night too. Thats a clue that something is on the prowl outside.

Yesterday i also noticed the dogs chew toys and bones are all missing out side too. The wife just gave him a rawhide baseball to chew on and its missing in action too. I mowed the grass and seen no dog bones in the grass too. The yard is squeeky clean. I figure the yote is grabbing anything it can eat.

My rottie is outside today on guard so i hope she scares it away if it comes back in the daylite. I have to get some of the 22cal CB quiet ammo and stalk this yote soon. BB

Re: Yotes>>>>yikes????

Sat Oct 02, 2010 9:27 pm

Set up with an open area down wind of you, grab a blade of grass and put it between your thumbs and blow across it and let it squeal away. More than likely the hungry little guy will come looking for dinner and you can serve him a diet high in lead. :wink:

Re: Yotes>>>>yikes????

Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:10 am

I found out its a fox that has mange. It may have died because i haven't seen it. Its mother was comming around looking for food in the past. Now i have one of the other "kits" comming around in its redish color. My puppy yellow lab chased it and i haven't seen it again. I got out my 22 and its ready.

Re: Yotes>>>>yikes????

Sat Oct 09, 2010 1:07 pm

could be rabies is why you saw it in the daytime. rabies has been bad down here at a place i mow. 2 foxes bit 4 people and when the game warden started trapping they got 15 foxes and 7-8 racoons that were rabid. cost this place bout $ 20,000 in all after medical bills and such