need help with a 184 low boy

Sat Dec 07, 2013 1:41 am

I have 184 low boy not Shure which year I am currently trying to piece back to together I am new with tractors meaning this is the first I have ever owned I've worked on truck and cars most my life but I usually had a helping hand but he moved back home to Kentucky so I am on my own with this tractor I removed the head and cleaned most everything internal I am running into trouble breaking bolts when I removed the head I broke one and I cant get it out but the rest went pretty smooth I went to reinstall the head and I broke another I got it out of the head but its still in the block so I bought a kit to drill it out and thread it again it drilled out ok but when I went to thread it the dam threading bit broke inside the head flush with the block so the head is reinstalled with two bolts on the middle broke flush with the block and I also cant find a wiring diagram for the instrument panel to get all those wires back in order the panel was off when I got it and the last thing I am having trouble with is the steering arm the piece the bridges the action of the wheel to the tire rod to bar is bent and will not turn the tires when I turn the wheel it just compresses I know its a lot but I really didn't think it thru im young and inexperience but there no one around here that I know this is willing to help who is educated on it. thanks any advice or diagrams will be awesome

Re: need help with a 184 low boy

Sat Dec 07, 2013 10:37 am


First thing, suggest picking up the parts and service manuals for the tractor. They will provide just about all the information needed to work on the tractor. Service manual has the wiring diagrams.

Bent drag link or perhaps a tie rod. Jack up the front end of the tractor and see if one or both steering knuckles are frozen/stuck in place. You can probably remove the drag link or tie rod and straighten. If not several folks part out Numbered Cub low-boys.

Broken head bolts. You need to remove them. Head bolts frequent break when removing the head. Not sure why you are breaking head bolts when installing them. Do you have a torque wrench?

Re: need help with a 184 low boy

Tue Dec 10, 2013 9:25 am

Some good advise from Eugene.

In the manual, there is a torquing sequence for the head. All bolts are required to keep the head flat (so it doesn't crack). Get a service manual. I got a reprint from Binder Books.

Since the tap is harder material than the head, you will have to remove the tap. If you cannot remove the tap with needle nosed pliers by turning it back out, the tap is brittle and can be broken apart by gently rapping it with a chisel and hammer. Work slowly and carefully.

It would be a good idea to use new head bolts when reinstalling the head.