my 3rd int154 needs a clutch.

Thu Oct 17, 2013 11:33 am

My third purchase of My 154 collection needs a clutch. It slips in high range when using the snow plow. In low range on the creeper it doesn't slip at all. I looked at the pressure plate and noticed that one of the springs unwound. The disc still is thick and looks like new. I have to take it apart because the original drive shaft has worn splines. I'm going to install a whole new clutch setup anyway. I never skimp on doing repairs nor do I do things twice. For this machine being all original she's in great condition. I'd rather have a tractor like this than something that's been beat on and butchered on the repairs. Again my two sons are being educated on this one too. The engine never being touched or rebuilt runs like a top.
Once this one is up and running it's my fcub's turn on the big operating table next. The final drives need inspection, New seals and the tranny needs a new drive shaft and pto. All new seals too. My fcub will take over snowplowing this year too.

My only thoughts are is why so many different drive shaft lengths. Shorter for the creeper with the pto pulley on the flywheel(70's 154) then a longer shorter one for the pto pulley on the drive shaft.(24.5") Then there is another different shorter one for who knows what? I purchased a few different lengthy drive shafts figuring ahead that one would fit. Of course I have the 24 " shaft that has no keyway slot for the pto but it's a 1/2" short. Go figure. I have no clue as to what the IH engineers were

Re: my 3rd int154 needs a clutch.

Fri Oct 18, 2013 7:42 am

Worn splines on the driveshaft probably means worn splines on the clutch plate as well.
The driveshaft splines on my 184 looked like triangle sawteeth rather than the square splines. The clutch plate hub was worn to match.
I liked the clutch rebuild package from HamiltonBobsCubs. The parts are just as sturdy as the IH dealer parts.

I don't know why there would be three different lengths of driveshaft. Not sure if there is a difference in the early 154's vs. the later Serial # 154's.
Hope all goes well with the parts swap.