cub 184 tire sizes and rim options.

Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:38 am

What rim sizes are available and do you recomend?
Also tire sizes and options please advise.
This 184 will be used to till and mow but its greatest duty will be as my atv including road duty.
I see some sources say top speed is 8 mph some say 10 mph.
I am assuming tire diameter is making the difference.
I would like larger tires for increased road speed and ground clearance and do intend to purchase new.
So would really hate to have them mounted and then find them totally unacceptable.
I like and am familiar with the standard farm tread and am not to concerned with rutting lawns but will consider turf tires if they last longer
or provide the correct tire diameter.
So gentleman please offer all thoughts on this subject of front and rear tires.
I would like to plan and build this project one time and have as much of it correct on the first try as possible.

Re: cub 184 tire sizes and rim options.

Sun Jul 14, 2013 10:50 am

My thoughts. I would use the current rims and tires until the tubes started showing through the tire side wall. Clean up and patch the rim, then replace the tire and tube. Replacing tires, rims and tubes just for something different is expensive, really expensive.

You can install a standard cub hub and rim on a numbered low-boy.

I have owned a standard Cub for 15 years, used mostly as mower or trailer tractor. I replaced one rear tire about 13 or 14 years ago. The other tire was on the tractor when I purchased it - so I don't know how old the tire is. I have not even come close to wearing out a set of tires, front or rear.

My 1974, 154 low-boy still has what I believe to be original tires still on it. Front and rears still have a lot of tread. But starting to weather check, which has no effect on usability.

Every so often there are photos on this site of Cubs with factory installed original tires.

How long is a tractor tire going to last? Considering usage, guessing 30 to 50 years, probably longer.

Re: cub 184 tire sizes and rim options.

Sun Jul 14, 2013 12:07 pm

Thank you.
At this time I do not own a cub 184.
I will be building [or having built] a cub 184.
It will be a present to me from the farm for many years of good and faithful service.
I guess it could be called a very late mid life crises and it does seem foolish to spend so much on what will be basically a toy.
But I have my childrens blessing on this and our finances can support it so I will choose to be foolish is a slightly usefull way.
My daughters have requested I do not buy a flying machine.
My sons said HEY .... AHHhhh ......
Im not sure but think possibly my sons might have seen smoldering volcanos in their wifes eyes.
In my youth I loved flying remote control air planes so much I bought one every month.
I got quite good at flying them but the plane never once survived a landing so I made and sold 6' RC boats with 2cycle engines long before they were popular.

Re: cub 184 tire sizes and rim options.

Mon Jul 15, 2013 6:07 am

I don't really think the tire size makes much difference in the ground speed. There were several rear tire size/options, the wide, high flotation, turf tires (13-6 x 16) and Ag or Turf tires in 8.3 x 24 or 9.5 x 24. Front tires were either 4.00 x 12 narrow tread, or 20 - 8 x 10 wide turf tires.

I think that your wish to till with it would suggest the ag style tires (the turf tires really have almost no traction, period) and the ag tires will let you till and cover your tire tracks. 9.5 x 24 will be the largest diameter, about an inch taller than the 8.3 x 24 or the 13-6 x 16 tires. Also, the rims for the Ag style tires are the same style rims as a standard Farmall Cub. The dishes are welded to the rims, so you cannot change tread width, but since the dishes are the same, you can use the same wheel weights as a Farmall Cub. That's a really handy option, as those wheel weights are readily available. I've only ever seen one set of wheel weights for the 13-6 x 16 rims ever, but it makes sense. Why would you ever want to weigh down a "high flotation" tire???

Here are some pics of Lo-boys with each tire size.




Re: cub 184 tire sizes and rim options.

Mon Jul 15, 2013 7:27 am

You may want to take a look at NJDale's son's 184 in this post. These are probably the best looking new tires I have ever seen on a 184.
This is from another forum:
The Rear Tires are: Firestone IMPLEMENT (Swather) Tires #342688, size 13.5 - 16.1, Tubeless, and were about $750 (or so) for the pair installed with new valves.

If you are only planning on mowing and rototilling (not plowing), then turf tires would be adequate.
The showroom new stock 184 ran 8.6MPH in third gear wide open.

Re: cub 184 tire sizes and rim options.

Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:31 pm

Ok thank you for the info so far any body else like to chime in please feel free.
I believe at this time I am leaning toward the type of tires that are on the above pictured 154.
I have seen a video of a 184 plowing and it looked like it went well [ he did seem to have real good soil though].
I also wonder if farmall cub rims would fit and what the benefits would be to having adjustable tread width.
Am I wrong about cultivating not being a very often needed item?
From my expierience tilling 1-2 times per week for 30 days before planting pretty much eliminates all weeds?
At least that has been my experience with my small gardens [ under 1 acre]?

Re: cub 184 tire sizes and rim options.

Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:25 pm

Yes, farmall cub rims will fit, but you will have limited width settings. I don't believe the narrowest settings will work on the 184 because of the fenders. The wider settings will work. As you can kind of see below, a standard 154/185/184 "narrow" rim is the same as a Cub rim set to the 56" setting (top of the bottom photo).



The number series lo-boy really won't be that great for cultivating, and you are correct, you really don't need to cultivate that much. What I used to do is till everything really good, then leave a tiller width between rows. If you have a lot of space, you can leave the tractor/tiller width, but I had a Troy Bilt Horse tiller, so I would till the field with the tractor, then leave the rows wide enough to run the Troy Bilt down through them. Sure made a pretty garden!

Re: cub 184 tire sizes and rim options.

Wed Jul 17, 2013 3:36 pm

Yes I think thats the exact tires I like.
Or at least the appearance I like for the purposes I intend to use it for.
If any changes to that I might want slightly taller tires in the rear as I would like 10 mph top speed in order to have a reduced throttle at road speed.
But this would add strain to the drive components and longevity is a major issue.
7 mph road speed would be acceptable.
Any thoughts on this would be welcome

Re: cub 184 tire sizes and rim options.

Wed Jul 17, 2013 3:51 pm

The 9.5 x 24 tires are a bit bigger than the turf tires, so you're going to get a bit more road speed, maybe 1 or 2mph, so you would be pushing 10mph with them. The next bigger tire is an 11.2 x 24, like was on a Farmall A/100/130/140. Someone tried 11.2 x 24 tires on a Cub once, and they looked awful. I think it would be even worse on the Lo-boy, and like you said, it would be tough on the drive train.

Re: cub 184 tire sizes and rim options.

Thu Jul 18, 2013 11:47 am

Ok thank you unless someone has an opposing thought with reasons and examples I believe I will consider this a done discussion.