What would it be worth?

Sun Apr 28, 2013 9:11 pm

I have a 72 Cub 154 with Zenith Carb and Tranny cluth with a season on it. Has new oil filter and oil. 2 sets of new mower blades. 60" woods mower and a brand new Pto Cluttch. New drive and Mower Belts. Everything works great on it and It will fire up when its work out with one crank of the engine and no Choke. In the Winter time it needs a little choke. Also has a Snow Blade and Chains . I bought it for $1800 and thought I got a decent deal without all the new stuff added to it. Just trying to assess a value. Also Forgot that the paint is slightly above average. The actual Tractor was repainted at some point but its getting some of that old look to it again.

Re: What would it be worth?

Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:20 pm

What's it worth? Good question. Depends on location and me kicking the tires/inspecting the condition.

Since I paid $500- for a 154 that drove from previous owner's house to my shop a year ago, with mower deck, separate hydraulic control valves, 3-point, and auxillary hydraulic couplings - - and I see them advertised locally in the $2000- to $3000- range with implements. So, sight unseen, $2000- plus $1000- or minus $1500-.

Sorry not much help. It's difficult to appraise anyone's tractor without seeing and inspecting it.