Cub 154 Lowboy

Sun May 08, 2005 10:32 pm

Hi Everyone,

I have been checking out this site and reading these forms for about 2 years. Thank you for a lot of information and entertainment.

Today I saw a Cub 154 with a belly mower for sale. It is painted red which I don't think is the original color for that model. It appears to be in fair to poor condition. One radiator hose was hanging off. It has turf tires which are severely cracked but were holding air. Nobody was home so I don't have any more information about it.

How much is a tractor like this worth? How much horse power does it have? What implements are available for it? Would it be a good tractor to mow 2.5 acres with some hills up to 30 degrees?

Thank you in advance for your response

Mon May 09, 2005 6:34 am

The 154 was rated at 15 h.p. Most likely it was yellow and white when new although I suppose someone could have ordered it red. If it has a 3 point hitch, you have a little more variety for implements. Otherwise, a belly mower, front blade and possibly a front loader are about the limit for mounted implements. From your description we assume it is non-running so there is no way to tell how much work needs to be done on it. I would offer about $500 and go from there.

Mon May 09, 2005 10:21 pm


Thanks for the information. I didn't have a chance to get over there today, but I'm hoping to get to talk to someone about it tomarrow.

I would actually prefer an older Farmall Low Boy but I haven't seen any for sale locally. I really need a more powerfull mower. It takes me all day to cut 2.5 acres with my Murry.