Doing work, saving my back, well my wifes back.

Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:29 pm

I need to do some drainage testing with culverts to see if it will solve my water drainage problem comming off the water shed property at the back of my land. I been putting it off because we just can't do it by hand. A few years back i fabricated a single tooth ripper for my 1st int154 with the 3pt hitch for pulling rocks out of the ground that they turned into larger ice bergs after i got them out. Well i started up my 154 installed the ripper and went to work putting in 4 little drainage culverts to see if that will solve my running water problems after the heavy 6'' or more of rain in each storm we been having. I want to divert the flowing water from my driveway and keep it away from my house too. It took me longer to dig out the ripper and install it than the time needed to use it. These tractors can surely cut down on the elmanual labor for sure thats my point. I plan on putting in slotted drain pipe were the water flows more maybe with a catch basin too. Its really not that bad but i'd like to fix it before i get older and can't do it incase it gets worse as i get older. After this all i need to do is to mow and watch the corn grow. Bill

Re: Doing work, saving my back, well my wifes back.

Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:37 am

BigBill wrote: After this all i need to do is to mow and watch the corn grow.

This sounds like a dream that will never materialize. There are always projects to do. :help: :evil:
The trick is to make these into opportunities to get some quality seat time! :-:-):

Re: Doing work, saving my back, well my wifes back.

Thu Sep 22, 2011 6:46 pm

Seat time?? Between my int154's and my cub cadets i spend the biggest part of the day in the seat. Then it takes me two or three days to recover in bed. I leveled my new driveway with my int154 with the snowplow perfectly sloped in all the correct directions. The neighbor and his buddy can't believe i did it with a 154. I packed down the hard pac with a gravel mix. Now i'm tackling the drainage work. I hope to do a little at a time until the frost. The 154 with the 3pt with the ripper/sub soiler what ever you call it kicked butt. After the misses seen it work she says nothing about the tractors now.

I just picked up a new steering box shaft for the fel / backhoe steering box. Everything will be new or excellent used in it. When i say restored its not a new paint job. I like the cadet with the fel but a tad larger machine will be perfect.

I wish i had more land so i could cruise the back 40 with the fcub or 154 and relax.

I once thought running a loader or dozer was easy work. Even these little machines take talent to get the soil just right and were we want it. I was in bed at 7pm on those days.