Front Tires for my 154 cub loboy?? mower parts? Restoring?

Sat Sep 30, 2006 7:40 pm

Where do you get new front tires for your cub? I believe my tire size is 400-12 and ribbed. I'd like to put the same tire or close to whats on it now. Do you mailorder your tires? Mine are kind of getting bald and need to be replaced over the winter. I did notice a few tubeless plugs in one tire so i guess the previous owner had flats. I guess there tubeless and are they hard to change with tire irons?

Ok my 3260 60" mower deck needs new bearings in the spindles so is there a rebuild kit with bearings and seals thats available or do we piece meal a bearing and seal order?

I'm going to change out the clutch and throwout bearing too. Where do you order these parts from? I need the two PTO drive belts too while its apart its a good time to change them too.

While i was mowing lastweek for about 4 hours i did notice a little blowby out of the breather cap. While it wasn't exactly wet oil comming out and i don't have any blue smoke at all i figure its the norm.

I have a restoration project on my 154 soon and i'd like to get some of it planned out now before I disassemble it. My metal is straight and clean and just needs paint and she should look and run like new again. I want to keep it 100% orginal international 154 cub loboy(looking).

Sat Sep 30, 2006 10:08 pm


Tucker Tire on eBay and Miller Tire. You will probably find Tucker to be a better deal and the feedback from customers is pretty good..

Sat Sep 30, 2006 11:15 pm

BigBill. Where are you from?

I live in a rural area with many local suppliers of agricultural parts. I'm basing my answers on what I would do.

Front tires. I purchased mine from the local tire shop. The 12 inch tires are a bear to do by hand. Recommend having the tire shop install the new fronts.

Mower deck bearings and seals. I would remove the bearings and seals and take them to my local auto parts store.

PTO belts. Autoparts store or farm/ranch store.

Clutch and throwout bearing. Try the advertisers on this web site. They are also available through Case/IH and many aftermarket suppliers.

Blue smoke. There is a tube running from the air cleaner to the front of the engine. This is an early type PVC control. The tube frequently becomes plugged. Where the tube enters the front of the engine is an orifice. This needs to be cleaned. This may solve the problem - or perhaps not fully solve the problem.

Blowby - My opinion. If this were a work tractor and not using any or very much oil - running fine. I'd let it go.


Sun Oct 01, 2006 7:00 pm

I'm from CT.