154 cub lo boy

Mon Jul 24, 2006 3:28 pm

Is this were i can post about my 154 Cub Lo Boy??

Mon Jul 24, 2006 3:36 pm

Ask away Bill. We'll try to help if we can.

Mon Jul 24, 2006 4:22 pm


First, Image to the greatest forum on the internet, and to the Cub Family. You will find that all the folks on this forum are kind, helpful and just full of Cub info and knowledge. They also happen to be the finest folks I have ever met :!: :D

Is this were i can post about my 154 Cub Lo Boy??

Bill, There is some stuff on the server under the Numbered Series Cubs. The 154 happens to have the most. There is a little more coming up in a bit.. but so far we have been kinda short on info on 154's and the other Numbered Cubs..

We can try to help though. Lots of guys on the forum either have em or know them..

Ok, so here is the spiel Image:

I would suggest that you read this thread: New Members and Visitors, Please READ Prior to Posting. There are many great links to informative pages such as the ATIS FAQ's 1 and ATIS FAQ's 2, The Best of H.L. Chauvin who has written very interesting articles on troubleshooting common problems with your Cub.

Also, you might want to visit the Cub Manual Server as there is tons of info on servicing, maintaining and re-building your Cub. In addition to this basic information, there are also a number of other useful tools available on the server. There is the Specialty Services page which has contact info for neat stuff like getting your seats recovered, buying quality Decals, Serial Number tags and a host of other neat items. Also there are the Parts Pages - both Used Parts Suppliers and New Parts Suppliers pages with links to quality dealers. I am always looking for YOUR favourite dealers for New and Used Parts to include here. These are intended to complement the businesses who support the FarmallCub.com Website.

I would also recommend that you visit Binder Books and purchase the three most important manuals you can own for Maintenance, Repair and Rebuilding your Cub. These are the Owner's Manual, the GSS-1411 Service Manual and the TC-37F Parts Manual. Although they are available on the Cub Manual Server, it is better is you also have your own paper copy. Binder Books is the only Authorized IH Publication Reprint House and they have the best quality manuals available. Most other's are not of the same quality. Just a personal thought here, the I&T Shop Manuals, although helpful in some areas, really are not sufficient for the job. If you wish though, they are good additional reference works.

IF you really want to get the skinny on all things Cub, might I suggest you get a copy of Ken Updike's Farmall Cub and Cub Cadet's :?: . While you are at it Original Farmall Cub and Cub Cadet is Ken's latest addition to the series. Along with Guy Fay's Letter Series Originality Guide, these are three must have's in anyone's collection.

In addition to the above information, don't forget to check out the various articles that are available to help with your Repair, Restore, Rebuild or just your Maintenance Projects. There are a number of sub pages such as Electrolysis or Rust Zapper's, Maintenance Tips, Jigs and Techniques, Implement and Part Sketches and of course the Paint, Decals & Other Finish Questions which has the Paint Chart and the Paint Committee Decisions links.

I truly hope that you enjoy your Cub and that you will be a frequent contributor to the forum. Again, Image to the Cub FamilyImage :D

Mon Jul 24, 2006 4:59 pm

Thanks for the great welcome and i hope to spend a lot of time here too. I'm retired(55 disabled) and I was a welder and lead tech for north american operations engineering at Otis elevator for 20 years. I did life testing, product reliability and new product development too. I hope to have fun with my new cub. I told the misses one good machine like this will last me the rest of my life and probably serve my kids well too into the future. Its no little cheap mower. I have amost 2 acres of grass to cut and i can't sit on a little mower for hours with my health the way it is. My wife may have to cut the grass so i got her the best in equipment. :lol:

I just purchased a 154 lo boy cub for $800 with a 50" belly mower deck its an orginal international mower deck where can i get the drive belt that goes from the PTO in the rear around the two idler pullies and to the deck?

First my machine has the transaxle and it says 154 CUB Lo BOY on the hood. Is it a cadet cub? Or a farmall cub loboy? Whats the difference between the 154 cub and the 184 cub? Sorry but i'm tractor ignorant. I wanted the one piece transmission as the high boy has but for $800 and it runs so sweet I just couldn't pass it up.

This machine is so quiet i can hear it idle. I purchased it saturday and i couldn't sleep till today when i got it home. What a piece of machinery. I was looking at new 3k lawn mowers too. I'm sure glad i gave this machine a new home and life, its my winter project to restore her and all she needs is a good cleaning and paint and maybe new decals. My buddy has two cub cadets he is going to give me so i will have twins. Now I want a farmall high boy cub and a farmall super A but i have to break it slow to the misses I got a new hobbie. I have to build a barn at my new house first.

Mon Jul 24, 2006 6:28 pm

It is not a Cub Cadet Lo-Boy. It is an International Cub 154 Lo-Boy. It was advertised and sold as part of the IH power lawn cutting equipment and although it looks like an oversize Cub Cadet 124, it is not part of the Cub Cadet line, although both were at that time part of the Outdoor Power Products line/division, I believe.

The transaxle is basically the same as what is in the Farmall Cub, International Cub Lo-Boy (different than a 154 Lo-Boy), and the IH built Cub Cadets, although the axle housings on the Cubs and or gear reduction housing on the Cub Cadets are different. The 184 is basically a later and improved version of what you have.

Mon Jul 24, 2006 10:27 pm


any place you can get parts for a Cub or a Cub Lo-Boy, you can get parts for a Cub 154 or any Numbered Cub. Check the server, the TC-131 Parts manual is there..

Mon Jul 24, 2006 10:58 pm

I guess I have an over sized "heavy duty cub cadet" they call a "154 cub loboy" I call it a cub cadet on steroids. I received the owners manual and repair manual with it today. I was a AMC Jeep 4x4/car mechanic back in the 70's and i sold reconditioned gravely tractors too(model L & LI & L8) so I kind of know my way around but looking at the manuals I have a lot of reading to do never owning a machine like this. I'm a stickler on maintenance so thats my first job to tackle before I use it. I know i have the lesser cub with the frame and transaxle but its going to be my pride and joy grass cutter. I don't plan on doing much else with it right now. I impressed my kids with it too there gear heads in the late 20's and early 30's. Now everyone understands why i went after it. You guys are way ahead of me and i have a lot of catching up to do. I'm looking forward to doing a complete teardown during the winter and clean her up to its orginal condition.

Now I'm interested in buying parts from the dealers who support this forum too. I don't mind giving something back at all. Right now I need the drive belt for the 5' mower. I'm sure i'll find other things as I go along with it too.

Where do I find the TC 131 server? I'm a little computer ignorant too.

Mon Jul 24, 2006 11:31 pm

Try this link: Cub 154 Manuals. Lots of good info there. 8)

Tue Jul 25, 2006 8:51 am


Where do I find the TC 131 server?

Follow the link in Donny's reply, but all that information is contained in the welcome wagon text above which followed your first post...

It all comes in time.. and clear thinking results whence we get over the initial excitement of bringing our new family member home. We have ALL been there, we have ALL done that, and we ALL still remember that feeling.. and some of us have experienced it more than once :!: :arrow: :wink: 8) :shock: :lol: :lol:

I know i have the lesser cub with the frame and transaxle but its going to be my pride and joy grass cutter.

As far as the 154 being a lesser Cub.. that is not the case. They are two completely different critters.. which share much of the same mechanical parts, but were designed for two completely different uses and markets. The 154 and the rest of the Numbered Cubs were designed primarily for Estate properties that were much larger than the normal suburban lawns and needed more power/cutting width etc., to handle the heavier chores. Even though the Cub Cadets were capable of handling much more than they were advertised for, (IH always overbuilt)... the Numbered Series Cubs were designed for the market between the Suburban Home Owner and the less than 40 Acre Farm.

There are many implements/attachments for the 154, but the primary ones that you may be interested to compliment your deck would be the IH 50 Blade and the Snow Blower.

I received the owners manual and repair manual with it today.

Somehow I missed that in reading your posts originally.. so I guess the two primary books you will need from Binders is the TC-131 Parts Catalog and the Owners Manual for your Mower Deck. You will need the model number of the deck.

I wanted the one piece transmission as the high boy has but for $800 and it runs so sweet I just couldn't pass it up.

I have a feeling that with your property, and once your Missus gets used to the 154, you may end up wanting to put in a garden. Then you can look for a regular Cub.

Bet you can't stop at one :!: :arrow: :wink: 8) :lol: :lol: :lol: