154 oil Pan gasket

Thu Jan 26, 2006 9:28 pm

I need to replace the oil pan gasket on my 154 Cub Lo-Boy AGAIN :evil: . I can't seem to stop it from leaking. Does anyone know of any tricks :?: or can give some advise :?: . I cleaned the pan and block very well, straightened the oil pan, used IH gasket and didn't overtighten. Is there a specific torque? Thanks!!!

Thu Jan 26, 2006 10:56 pm

As a stupid question, are you sure it is the gasket and not the rear main seal? Might try uisng a layer of silicone gasket compontd on eahc side of the gasket .

Fri Jan 27, 2006 9:50 pm

The rear main seal is just a few years old. My first thought was also the rear main seal but the flywheel is dry and so is the seal retainer.

Oilpan gasket

Sat Jan 28, 2006 7:25 pm


I think John*.?-!.* cub owner has a good idea except you should go around the entire gasket before you set the pan on the block.

This has always worked for me when I have had problems with valve cover gaskets or pan gaskets.