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Re: persimons

Postby Trent M » Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:26 pm

I have heard all my life about the "after a hard frost." That drives me nuts and NOT TRUE AT ALL!!! We eat them all the time in September. The key to knowing when they are ripe and sweet is they will fall off the tree. It is as simple as that. NEVER ... NEVER pick one from the tree and eat it. It will pucker you up like nothing else. You MUST pick them up off the ground. You can also shake the tree and eat the ones that fall, they are delicious too.

The past few years I have taken a pic for Facebook. It never fails I get someone telling me its too early. We beg to differ.


September 15, 2015 ^


September 16, 2014 ^


October 28, 2013 ^ ... had eaten many before this but didn't take a pic until then. We usually don't eat many at all after Halloween.
Trent McPeak

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