Sun Feb 16, 2003 7:12 pm

Poor Dribbles, lost his tarp in the wind a couple days ago.

Sun Feb 16, 2003 7:44 pm


Looks faintly familiar, all the white stuff - you guys did get a smattering of snow didn't ya?

Glad we are not alone!

Sun Feb 16, 2003 8:05 pm

20 inches on the ground now, calling for 12 more tonite and who knows how much tomorrow. No place to push that much snow to, glad I kept the loader hooked up on the Loboy. The Governor has declared a state of emergency and banned all motor vehicle traffic except for emergency vehicles. Thankfully, the fuel oil tank was filled Thursday. LP puttered out late last week and hadn't been refilled, it only fuels a gas fireplace.

My lovely wife is quite annoyed with the LP company, supposed to be on automatic delivery. Third time this year the tank's run out. She's cuddling with her new Craftsman Bolt-Out set and a steamy romance novel, what a gal!

Sun Feb 16, 2003 9:26 pm


Maybe the lovely Cathy needs one of these for the LP company? Image

Hammer Head

Mon Feb 17, 2003 11:46 pm

I'd think twice about that Carl, she might use it on you since that gas people never seem to come out your way! :wink: