Cub Rear Main Seal Upgrade

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Cub Rear Main Seal Upgrade

Postby tst » Thu Nov 25, 2021 8:29 pm

Send me your old leaking main seal retainer and $57.50 in ck, mo, or paypal, I will return a retainer to you machined with a different seal installed and housing flattened so no more leaks, threaded holes are tapped, if your threaded holes are stripped I can helicoil those for $1 per stripped out hole EXTRA so please check those holes before sending the retainer and if needed , it is ready to be installed when returned to you. Most cases I turn these around in one day, please try and clean the big chunks off before shipping the old one, some have been so slimey when I received them they ruined checks and money orders in the box with them.

Many have asked how they can tell if the retainer has been worked on in the past, this is the one part you can check easily, measure the bore for the Outer Diameter of the seal, it should be less than 4", if it is it can be upgraded

Here are some installation tips, check your crankshaft end play while its apart, more than a few thou the thrust bearing is probably bad, check crankshaft to make sure its not grooved or scored, check crankcase pressure , that your breather cap is not plugged up or the line from the valve chamber to air cleaner is not plugged up, replace the gaskets, do not use silicone or the old ones, torque the bolts to 18 ft. lbs, pack some grease in the back of the new seal on installation so the spring on the seal does not get knocked off when pushing it over the end of the crankshaft, seal the flywheel bolts also as they are drilled all the way through the crankshaft and oil from the engine can leak through the bolts, this way you will have no oil leaks at the back of the engine when you are done
send me a pm for questions and shipping info
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