Correct Paint for Cub Cadet Original ?

Sat Jan 25, 2014 11:06 pm

What is the Correct Paint to use on a Cub Cadet Original . I have paint left over from the 1961 Cub Loboy left over ( IH Federal Yellow ) Would that be ok . I thought thats what IH would have used on the original since they came out at the same time. Or did they have a different paint just for the Cub Cadets.

Re: Correct Paint for Cub Cadet Original ?

Sat Jan 25, 2014 11:37 pm


The Originals would be 483 Federal Yellow, it was used on Cub Cadets until 4/1970 when they used 483B until 8/75, then back to 483 to present (doubt much difference). So if that is what you have, you are good to go! The white would be 901.

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Re: Correct Paint for Cub Cadet Original ?

Sun Jan 26, 2014 8:17 am

The colors of Federal Yellow are almost impossible to tell apart, other than the "mustartd yellow" color they used in the late 1990s on newer Cub Cadets. If you've already painted a 61 Farmall Cub, and are happy with that color, then I'd use it on the Cadet. They would have been the same color yellow.

The white color is a little more telling. The correct white color for 1961 through 1967 would have been 901 white. It's hard to find, and you almost have to get it mixed at NAPA or somewhere. The 901 white has an olive tint to it and is definitely visibly different when next to 902 white and 935 white. Most, people get 935 white for their restorations because it is still readily available, but it was not used on Cub Cadet or Farmall Cub tractors until 1970. It is the typical creamy white that everone associates with IH products. 935 white is pretty darn close to 901 white, and you'd never know the difference unless you actually had 901 white next to the 935, in which case you would see that 901 is visibly more olive color than 935.

902 white was only used on 1967, 68, and 69 tractors and is almost "chalky white" looking and MUCH more white than either 901 or 935. Rarely does anyone ever find or use this color, and you would have to have it mixed special as it's not available from CaseIH.

Here are the three: