CC 124 - Running Issues with Rebuilt Carburetor

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CC 124 - Running Issues with Rebuilt Carburetor

Postby AL Farmall Boy » Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:44 pm

The 124 I worked on yesterday still doesn't want to run exactly right. Before I put a kit in the carb., the Cub Cadet 124 would only run with 90-95 percent choke. A slight adjustment in the choke (either way) would kill it. When choked at that level it ran great, revving up and down perfect, etc.

Now, I put a kit in the carb today per the How-to Instructions in the Kohler Service Manual and blew everything out clean with compressed air. I let it sit in the carb cleaner dip for about an hour and it came out good and clean. The bowl stopped leaking and float works great. There was a SLIGHT amount of play in the throttle shaft.....I really don't know if it is enough to consider a problem at this point. Also, the metal fuel line leaks BADLY where the fitting connects to the carb. The metal fuel line is "dished" out where that fitting seats therefore not making a good seal. Also there is a rubber grommet (?) inside the fitting that is deteriated. I want to keep it original, so what would I need to fix the fuel line to make it stop POURING gas? I'm thinking that I will just use some barbs and rubber fuel hose to get it fixed for now.

I adjusted the governor (reset it) per the service manual, adjusted the throttle cable linkage, and the CC 124 will only crank and run at 90-95 percent choke STILL. Revvs up and down excellent, but will immediately die once the choke is fully closed or slightly moved toward open. What is the problem!? Could it be the leaking fuel line? All of this is running the engine with the air cleaner assembly off.


As for the CC 126..........................I just got the carb put back together after an overnight soaking in the carb. dip cleaner. The over night soaking really cleaned it and shined it up better than an hour.....although an hour is what I have read that is recommended. I'm ready to try out the CC 126 to see what she'll do. Already did compression check (110-115 psi), checked fire, reset governor, cleaned tank, cleaned sediment bowl, and rebuilt carb. All I gotta do now is put the gas in and try it. Wish me luck!
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