CCC Cub Cadet 782

Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:06 pm

Came home last evening after eating out and hoped on the '47 Cub to blade out my gravel driveway after all the snow melted. When finished, it left some ridges and ruts around that needed further smoothing out. Put the battery back in my (new to me) 782, hopped on, and she fired right up after sitting all winter. Wow!

Hooked the log chain to the back and drug a weighted pallet around the driveway a time or two. Nice and smooth now. That 782 has some kind of power compared to my old lawn tractor. :D

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Re: CCC Cub Cadet 782

Sat Mar 30, 2013 3:09 pm

You'd be surprised at what these little tractors can do. Even the 8hp ones can work really hard too. I took my new to me model 70 cub cadet with the replacement 8hp engine and spread out 3yd dump truck loads of dirt while the dump truck returned with the next load i had the last load all spread out even. They all laughed at my little 70 tractor when i pulled up at my neighbors house with the snowplow on it. When we were all done no one was laughing. Its funny they all own older cub cadets now.