Whats it worth!

Fri Nov 04, 2011 6:53 pm

I know I know! Whats it worth! I never like to ask this? cuz its worth what ever your willing to pay!

But im going to a Auction on the 5th. It has A 100 a 122, and a 126! What are there price range! I know it can change on how good shape it" RUNING not Running" is but even if I get a some what a clue i'll be ok! LOL


Re: Whats it worth!

Fri Nov 04, 2011 7:17 pm

Well and Wow. Machinery consignment auction a couple weeks ago a running 108 with solid mower deck went for $200-. Assumed a 108 since the entire tractor had been repainted one color, and not number visible. Also parked so I couldn't read the serial number. That was in central Missouri. Normally that tractor should be in the $400- or so range.

I don't really know why the Cub went for $200-. Paint job, tractor didn't look right. End of the mowing season. Local economy.

Parts Cadets, normally in the $100- or so range. Now the good news. The cost of a parts Cadet can easily return the initial purchase price in one or two salvaged parts.

Edit: Check the spindles on the mower deck. Get down on the ground/floor and reach under the deck. Grab one end of each blade and lift. Get a wobble - need to repair or replace the spindle. Can run $150- per spindle to repair.