Finally, An Easy Fix For My 982!

Sat Jun 11, 2011 10:19 pm

After a couple times at a shop having a mechanic fix my steering and rebuilding my Onan engine last year for ungodly amounts of cash, for once I fixed something!

My battery kept draining which was shutting off my PTO clutch, and making me have to jump it just to start or remove the battery for a full charge just to cut 3 acres of grass. I also had to jiggle the key sometimes to get the starter to kick over. Finally the key quit working even after I fully charged the battery. I could hear a click, but no starter. I pulled out the starter switch and found I had a loose terminal and it had burn marks from arcing. Ordered a new switch from ... 0031900020 , got it, installed it, and everything electric is working perfect again. :) The 30 year old beast is working like new again.