cub cadet 100

Wed Nov 10, 2004 10:29 am

Hi Everyone. I havent had a decent working computer for a while and have had this cadet 100 that I would like to sell. Its in pretty decent shape. it has a 10 Hp kohler and runs very good but does smoke a little. it doesnt knock or make funny noises. It will come with rear weights, and snow plow. It doesnt have fenders or any other attachemts. the Pto clutch needs some work also. I would like to get somewhere around $550.00 for it but can deal a little. I can also install a new set of rings for additional money. If you are interested contact me at. if it needs bored out I can have it done and new piston & rings. i dont have AOL anymore. or call me at 330-534-3482. I figured i would post it here before i put it on e-bay in a few weeks soon as i get the new computer running at full steam.