sickle mower >SCOTT<

Fri Jun 11, 2004 1:33 pm

Thanks for the 402D manual on the haban sickle mower Scott...was a lot of help BUT i found out with it that the main frame assembly i have is not for a cub cadet...dunno what it fits...cant find a serial number or model number anyplace on it...whats the differrence between the 402D & the 402E???.....if anyone reading this knows of a main frame for a haban sickle mower that would fit a cub please let me know....please dont say been of no help & thats were i found the it from Ray Weaver....guess he saw me coming or didnt now it was wrong also...LOL....any help is appreciated...Thanks

Fri Jun 11, 2004 3:48 pm

Can I say ?
Or more specifically... ... 1068077955

Ray is a straight up type of guy to get parts from. Your CD hits the mail Monday with some other stuff I had to get out (still haven't found half my stuff from the move yet).

There are some people there (at the registry) that are Haban experts.
Like this guy.... Jim Steele.

Fri Jun 11, 2004 3:56 pm

If you look at the manual cover, the D series was for the narrow frame cub cadets or the 70, 100, 1x2, 1x4, 1x5, 1x6 and 1x7's

The E series was for the newer wide frames... 1x8, 1x9's and up.



Sat Jun 12, 2004 9:15 am

Thanks again Scott for all your help...YES Ray is an upfront guy!!!,,i dont think he was aware of what series the frame would fit...i know it wont work on a 147 & the frame is completely differrent from the one in the manual i received,,,,will check out the site & Thanks again