Cub Cadet history

Fri Dec 19, 2003 11:29 pm

Could someone give me a bit of history on the manufactures of Cub Cadet lawnmowers.

Fri Dec 19, 2003 11:47 pm

You might try

Sat Dec 20, 2003 9:41 pm

When you say Cub Cadet lawnmowers.
Are you referring to the tractors that carry that name?

Or just the lawnmowers?

Sat Dec 20, 2003 10:49 pm

You might want to check you local book store for a new book Cub farmall and Cub Cadet by Motorbooks the auther is Ken Updike . I saw one at Barnes and Noble today. Steve

Sun Dec 21, 2003 8:46 am

Steve is right.
Ken Updikes book is a great history of the little tractors.

You can also try:

IHC Lawnmowers

Thu Jan 15, 2004 8:48 am

Does anyone have info. on the International made by Lawnboy? I have two complete and parts to make another. See a picture on my site, Dan