Broken dip stick???

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Broken dip stick???

Postby BigBill » Thu May 10, 2007 9:00 pm

Ok my neighbor has a cub cadet 147 and the dip stick broke off about halfway down. The broken piece is still in the engine. I tried today with a magnet to get it out but i couldn't find it. Since i can see in there anyway and the magnet got stuck a few times too I was thinking about how hard is it to take the dip stick tube out? Is it on a pipe thread?

If i can remove the dip stick tube maybe i can see the broken piece of the dip stick and take it out.

My next question is if i can find the broken piece of the dip stick can i remove the oil pan on the 14HP kolher without taking the engine out of the tractor to get it out that way? This 147 has the mule drive on it besides a front loader(danco) so everything is packed in there tight. I may have to pull/disassemble the engine to get it out if i can't remove the oil pan. It runs great with no noises but i'm afraid if it moves in the wrong direction it will blow the engine.

Sorry but i'm not that familiar with the cadets or the kolher engines yet but i'm getting there with your help too. My neighbor is a good friend of mine and i would like to help him out he lets me borrow anything i need from his farm when i'm in trouble too.
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Postby Eugene » Thu May 10, 2007 9:32 pm

Use a piece of wire with a hook (L) bent in the end. Look at your other Kohler dip sticks. There is a slot in the center of the dip stick.


If the dip stick broke at the slot/split in the center you should be able to fish it out with the hook. If the break is below the slot/split get a very small diameter magnet on a rod from the hardware store to fish it out.

If the broken dip stick has fallen into the pan. You will more than likely have to pull the engine and remove the pan. The dip stick oil filler tube is press fit - on the one Kohler I had that came loose.

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