Hydraulic Pump for NF

Thu Nov 16, 2006 10:58 am

I was asked to post information on the NF Hydraulic pump gears. The gears are NLA and they had a problem with that pump when they got some defective centering springs. If you acquire one of these units I recommend you replace that spring (part #IH-386371 R-1) or check it real good as the end would break off and go down between the gears.

I have found out that you can make these gears(I have a set but I never had them made) from a Ford 800 oil pump gear. I think you can slice at least two gears off of one gear{I only saw pictures of the gear) and then have them ground parallel to .375" dimension. You can buy this gear at http://www.tiscoparts.com/locator.aspxTisco dealer. The gear part number is for the gear is EBF6608A. The gear is also part of a kit FPN6600A. I had a price of $23 but that was a couple of years ago.

The gear is held on the shaft with a small roll pin that goes in a blind hole in the gear. your gear is probably broke so you will see the pin in the shaft. I had a warn shaft in one I replaced the gears in and made a shaft from .500" drill road I bought from McMaster-Carr. Drill rod can be hardened but I didn't do that as the bearing surface for the shaft is cast iron so it's better for the shaft to wear. You should also replace the shaft seal(IH-347478-R91). You can buy this seal at a parts store(part #CR4911). The original seal in the pump was wider then the CR4911 seal and if it gets pushed to the bottom there is an oil passage that can leak around the seal. I recommend to use 2 seals to be sure it doesn't leak and tat will put the seal at a different place on the shaft. There are other "O" rings which I didn't replace as they didn't leak but they are available. I never had the "O" rings leak on the cylinder but they are available. The seal on the rear end of the canister isn't available so be careful with that seal(I did make one out of a piece of inner tube ans it didn't leak but I think I got lucky. The installation instructions are available on the IH registry for the NF tractors. I have never seen the instructions for an Original but they use an other set of holes on the main bracket for the cylinder and you must make a double pulley to run it.

Thu Nov 16, 2006 4:19 pm

I know of a source for these NF Hydraulic Pump Gears. No modifications, fabrications, just an exact fit and replication.

If interested, shoot me an Email and I will steer you onto the source.

Re: Hydraulic Pump for NF

Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:23 pm

I'm new and unable to send an email yet. i'm looking for that source for the replacement gears. Any help would be appreciated.