A break from the BIG cub

Mon Jun 09, 2003 11:59 am

Took the 129 over to my son's place on Sunday (i couldn't think of anything to do on my cub!) I was kidding him that i was returning the tractor for 'warranty' repair, as i bought it from him a few years ago. I think it was his first or second cub cadet project.
Seems that the rear end / frame attachment bolts were sheared off in an 'off road adventure' by someone who will not use it again. Stripped out the rear end, removed the axle, got the sheared bolts out, and while we were there removed the steering shaft and rebuilt it. Imagine the novelty of turning the wheel and having the tractor turn also!
got a heavy duty replacement battery, hydro's start hard in cold weather, and a new regulater. Welded on an antiscalp wheel kit on the 50" cutter today. Should be 'styling' this summer!
Waiting on a gasket for the axle tube, then it can be put back together. It was a terrific day. Dad's impressed with the knowledge that young man has acquired on these machines. i think there's a dozen in there now, some workers and some getting restored. The latest is #828 nearly factory original. Sat outside a number of years and looks it, but with a carb and gas tank clean, it started! It will be at Red Power, along with my Cub and 'A'. :lol:

Mon Jun 09, 2003 4:57 pm

Dave......... :o

It's Tedd "My Cub love's my wallet" Ill from the ihcubcadet forum. :-D


Mon Jun 09, 2003 5:43 pm

Tedd Ill, i think you were telling me his name is Dave. yup, but i probably gave to many clues. :lol: fooling with machinery must get in the blood, or passed down in the male genes or something :D