Tell me what it is

Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:00 pm

Looking to buy a wide front end "B".Here is all the information I got looking at the tractor.Serial number B FAB 217566, 1540 R.P.M. Casting Dates: Transmission 7-10-T and below that is L3. Motor casting Date:9-5-Q. On top of transmission next to the shift pattern is 6832 DA.On left side of the housing below the battery 8638 DD.Battery is located between the gas tank and the steering post.On the manifold is 6744 DD. Motor is to the left side like a Cub,so the rear axle housings is one short and long one on the right.It has a Magneto and an Alternator.The wide front is centered with the radiator.The steering box is huge compared with a cub.The ammeter,ignition switch and pushbutton start switch are mounted in a box on the steering post.Like an "H" has.It has no hydraulics,does have an angle gearbox on the rear,and a drawbar.Looks like it is an "A" with a heavy duty wide front end.From the serial number it must be a 1947 model.I need to look up the casting Dates as to what year the letters are,but any help or comments is appreciated.

Re: Tell me what it is

Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:13 pm

Your data is not all in agreement. Need pictures.