Mon Jul 16, 2007 11:22 pm

Not many B's that I v'e seen around my parts although there was one for sale a few months ago. It and a bush hog for $1500. We read it hanging on the bulletin board at the sale barn.I just looked at my wife and she said NO>

Tue Jul 17, 2007 5:22 am

My parents have owned a BN for almost 40 yrs. We aquired it in 2006 and It is a great tractor. My wife likes it as well.


Tue Jul 17, 2007 1:06 pm

Lots better than a ford partsman!!!Kevin :D :D :)):

Sun Jul 29, 2007 8:07 pm

I have a 1943 BN. Great little tractor. ... 2959-1.jpg

Sun Jul 29, 2007 8:19 pm

Those are all a bunch of good looking B's 8) Gorgeous!

Sun Jul 29, 2007 8:42 pm

Here is my Miss B: