McCormick #30 Manure Spreader

Thu Sep 19, 2013 8:49 pm

Well, I was out at my local scrap yard again just wondering around and saw something of curiosity again? I walked around and looked over this nice old spreader. Saw it still had som faded McCormick decal on it and it was in surprisingly too good of shape to be in a scrap yard. It had a bunch of tin and fence posts in it, so I cleaned them out to check the floor and again surprised it was in great shape for its age. Well I told Fred to ask what they wanted for it, he is my neighbor, he come found me this evening and said I could have for $150. I jumped at it and will pick it up later but I could not refuse the offer. It is too big for the Cub but I think just spreading leaves and clippings around it will be fine or else I have my Super M. Fred said it was headed to the burn pile next week so I guess I better check in more often, I may save another still usable piece. I still want to find a 100 but this will be good for now for the price.

I was pretty thrilled. My wife just laughed when I told her I bought her a new flower pot? Just don't get behind me now! LOL

This is a pic of what I found. It is not mine just an idea for those wondering. Mine is in better shape. :D
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