130 Axle Tube.....Abandoned

Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:53 pm

I have abandoned my attempt at freeing that frozen front axle tube.
No way it wants to come out. Not only that, but the tie rods are both stuck hard.
After a week at that, I figure I am only using up valuable time. The axle will be fine at it's narrowest.
Really wanted to get things freed up in case I needed to widen thing out later.
Somebody else, long after I am gone can try to get them apart.

The axle bushings, and the parts to fix the steering should be here any day now.

My plan is to clean up and paint the axle, hubs & rims, and put the new tires on. Put the steering box back together with a freshly painted steering rod, roll it out and paint the main body.