130 Radiator

Wed Jul 11, 2012 6:04 pm

I took the radiator to a shop that supposedly fixes them well.
The side supports had to be soldered back on and also give it a good flush.
When I checked in on it a week later the owner said "sorry, we found that it leaks" "Also when my guy tried to repair it, it got worse, maybe look at getting a replacement, we got an hour into it @ $80, so by the time we fix it up you may as well get a new one."
I told him that the rad has been on the tractor 'not leaking' for over ten years. In fact I just drained it before bringing it here. You gotta fix it.
Well after 2 weeks I went back and he did fix it! $200 it cost me.
Oh well, I'm happy to have it. Stiener wants $350US, and they are currently out of stock.