140 farmall internatinal distributor gear

Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:40 pm

The rotor stopped spinning the other day on the distributor after the first snow storm in the Great Lakes area.

Battery was low too, I replaced that, and made nice new connections all the way to the starter and engine. I went to replace points and discovered the shaft and rotor don't spin very well. In fact it stops. I took it out after aiming the the rotor at #1 tower and marking the distributor and the casing, to put it back the same.

I cleaned the gear on the end and it was dry, and had 4 or 5 fairly flat teeth, which may be why it stops spinning?
So I put it back in after greasing it, and wire brushing the teeth. It didn't work so I'm looking for what to do next.
I don't care for some of the parts stores around town to get a replacement gear, so I'm going to the dealer 45 miles away or so because I had good luck with an international starter I got there.

If I replace the gear, what tool do I use to pound that roll pin out, and can I use any, right sized roll pin, or would you have the shop there just put it on and get it home to try it? What should I look for after putting it back in? Some say you can time that by twisting the distributor from your notches to fine tune. Any input would be appreciated.

Re: 140 farmall internatinal distributor gear

Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:48 pm

A properly sized pin punch should do the trick. You should be able to re-use that same pin.
Rotate the engine to Top Dead Center on #1 cylinder and when you re-install the distributor turn the rotor to #1 tower on the distributor. That should get you close enough to start the tractor and you can set the timing with a timing light. If it won't start then static time the engine and you should be right on.

Re: 140 farmall internatinal distributor gear

Mon Jan 09, 2012 7:15 am

Also, while you have your distributor out, clean & lube the shaft & bushings. It had to be seizing up, to damage the gear. It should spin freely.

Re: 140 farmall internatinal distributor gear

Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:45 pm

Bigdog, and Gary,
I just got back with the gear, and ran up for a pin punch. I will clean everything up and lubricate gear and shaft.
I noticed that the new gear came with one hole. So I'm assuming the other gear has one hole, maybe not.

The person I bought the punch from said I might need to hack saw the gear off, how else could I back the roll pin out if it only has one way out?
Does this sound reasonable. To cut it. Being carful of course to not mess it up?

I'm going to start on it tomorrow, I'm slow because I'm not a real mechanic. It's fun if it works.

Thank you for your suggestions Bigdog and Gary. I'll write later in the week, we're supposed to get one off the Lake.
I'm inland where all the snow falls after it's done blowing around.