New to me 140.

Tue Jul 05, 2011 11:19 am

Well the Super A hydraulic pump is going to need some work. The fluid is leaning in the crankcase, so as we all know that means re-build time. With all the stuff going on at work, with family coming, and a jungle for a yard, I thought heck I will just get another tractor so I can mow while the Super A gets it's work done. I will need a few other things so might as well do them as the same time. I looked around and found a very nice 1966 140. Swapped the Woods L59, and the drawbar from the Super A and things are working well. I will post some pics here tonight after I have taken some good ones. I have to admit the 140 is a VERY nice mowing tractor. Plenty of power, and very comfortable to drive. Helps to have a good mower too.
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