Super A Search...

Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:33 pm

Just registered here but am ready to buy an Super A. I don't really want a project to put back together but rather a running unit.
I'm a bit green to the smaller IH tractors but would like to know any pitfalls of certain Serial ranges if there are any--also benefits of model years over others.
Please educate me a bit--my thousands of hours on the H & M are out the window a bit with the little guys...

I want an overall utility tractor for the garden and other small tasks--cultivator, sweeps, hillers, drawbar work, sickle bar??, maybe belt pulley later etc...
Don't need a loader or finish mower...have the skid steer and zero-turn for that. See some great units in the South East US but would appreciate something closer. Some have complete cultivator & hilling/side dressing spreads...that would be fantastic.

Let me know ASAP please...

Re: Super A Search...

Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:22 pm

No big differences by year. After 1950 or so they had battery ignition and a full voltage regulator, which is a bit nicer. The last few in '54 had a slightly larger engine which is shared with the 100, 130 and 140. A Fast-Hitch is a nice option. Try to find implements with the tractor as it usually saves come cost and has a better chance of the implements being complete.

Freeze damage to the engine usually shows up as cracks on the left side of the block, behind the carburetor. Check the wheels for shake that indicates bad wheel or axle bearings. Check for loose steering. It isn't unusual to hear gear whine in one or more gears. This usually doesn't indicate a problem that needs repair.

Re: Super A Search...

Mon Jun 24, 2013 5:50 pm

To find one you just have to keep your eyes open and a stack of $100s in your wallet. There's a forsale section on this forum. Also keep an eye on local craigslists, local papers, farm publications, ebay, any sort of "trader" or "penny saver" type publications, take the back roads home once in a while.... You never know where or when "the" tractor will pop up.

Just don't get caught up with tractor fever and way too much. A little too much is okay.

Re: Super A Search...

Mon Jun 24, 2013 6:58 pm

Where are you located? Seems to me like the best deals are in the KY/TN area. We are "eat up with them" here in eastern NC but seems to me they bring a little higher price than other areas.

While I am certainly partial to the Super A, don't rule out a 100, 130, or 140. Basically same tractor, except the sheetmetal.


Re: Super A Search...

Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:14 am

I'm up on the border area between MN & ND. Originally from MT we owned and ran our 'mowing' tractors H's and M's...very seldom saw a Cub or A...a C now and then but that's it.

I would love to find one close but the close ones are asking ridiculous I inquired on had a Krylon rebuild...literally...nothing more--asking $8000...FIRM. I firmly quit calling.

You're not kidding on the available units down south...quite a selection. Wish I had a trip planned to NC--with the right deal maybe I will.
Have any ideas on closer units? I'm not afraid to work one a bit but I'm not looking for a money pit--I'm married and already own 2 boats haha.

Re: Super A Search...

Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:58 pm

Welcome to the greatest Cub website on the planet KB!!! Here is a seemingly good deal on a Super A here in southwest Michigan. I've been thinking about checking it out myself but haven't made it there yet. If you're interested in it, it's yours. It’s a lot closer then somewhere down in Dixie. :lol:
If you're not interested, let me know and I might check it out.