Re: SA Transmission Problem???

Sat Feb 16, 2013 11:33 pm

I will be leaving DSCF tomorrow and continuing on down to Flywheelers for a few days, then back to NC. Then I plan to finish up the shifter. I will definitely check and make sure the guide is in good condition...thanks for the heads up! I hate to use the replacement shifter, because it has a lot of pitting in the shaft and would need to be painted, but we will see. Boss said it was definitely worn where the shifter slides to change gears...maybe a third thinner than it should be. I'll probably dismantle the replacement one to see how badly it is sense cleaning up and painting one that is worn just as badly! If it is not better, maybe it will be time for a trip to Boss'???!!!

Of course another option is to have the end built up, then ground down to the proper width...updates to follow!!!