Are A & C parts interchangeable?

Mon Dec 12, 2005 8:53 am

Will a hood from a Farmall C fit on a Farmall A?

Mon Dec 12, 2005 8:05 pm

Earlier A hood definitely different. Later A may be the same as the C.

Mon Dec 12, 2005 9:31 pm

Jim, Do yo know if the grill from a C would fit? My Farmall A is a 1947.

Mon Dec 12, 2005 11:05 pm

Can be made to fit or will fit right?

The C grille may be the same as a B (except for the emblem screw holes on the front. The bottom edges of each of these grilles is shaped to fit the steering gear. The A grille is trimmed considerably different than one for a B or C.

Tue Dec 13, 2005 2:05 pm

Thank you for the information.

Tue Dec 13, 2005 6:32 pm

I'm pretty sure a C hood is longer than an A

Sun Jan 29, 2006 11:38 pm

farmall c will not fit a farmall A other than in the motor, or if its a sa people have been know to use 140 or 130 tin work.


Mon Jan 30, 2006 9:24 pm

41 A measures 25 7/16
48 C measures 26 3/4
C grille is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches taller than an A tough to measure.

Mon Jan 30, 2006 11:12 pm

Cand B grill will inter change other than th afore-mentioned emblem screws, are the same height as an A grill,, however a Super C grill is 1 1/2 " taller.